J&J Auction Service was started over thirty years ago by a father and a son that had a love of the business.  They envisioned a company that would be founded on honest practices and caring about their clients and customers.  Over the last 30 years, J&J Auction has stayed true to the initial vision, and with hard work, dedication, and natural talent continue to have a successful business.

J&J Auction has transformed from an auction held in the parking lot of Wagner Hardware in Hazleton, PA to an auction house that holds over 250 people.  What started out as a father and son business is now ran by the son and his wife. They have picked up estates all over eastern and central Pennsylvania, and have shipped sold items all over the country as well. They continually strive to improve their services and have exciting plans with the launching of their new website.

Joe and Linda have been running the business together since 1997.  They are an incredible team and go above and beyond for their clients and customers.  If you are interested in selling one item or an entire estate, Joe and Linda will be able to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact them.